Brother Islands (El Akhawein)

The Brother Islands are two uninhabited islands about 800 meters apart, 140 km from Hurghada and 60 km from the shore. Due to the usually very demanding current, the Brothers Islands count as one of the most difficult dive sites in the Red Sea, but it is worthwhile because it is one of the best dive spots in the world!

The landmark of the larger of the two Brothers Islands is a lighthouse built by the British in 1883. It is possible to visit between dives and climb the many steps to the top of the lighthouse. It worth it! From this vantage point you can view the 400 mtr long island.

Underwater, the * Brothers * offer fantastic densely vegetated walls, of colour full hard and soft corals. Huge gorgonians and fan corals filter food from the almost constant currents along the walls and plateau. Along with the many species of brightly coloured fish, you can see shoals of barracuda, tuna and jacks. It is possible to view many species of sharks, grey reef, black tips large threshers and Hammerheads if you are really lucky a passing whale shark.

Big brother also has 2 wrecks on offer – The Aida II (sunk in 1957) and Numidia (sunk in 1901)

The wreck of the Aida, a lighthouse authority supply vessel lies from about 30 to 60 mtrs therefore again a perfect depth to admire this large well preserved vessel, as well as the coral growth and its inhabitants, again a hot spot for reef sharks.

The bent nose of the Numidia a large steam cargo vessel is only about 8 meters deep, completely covered in coral and shoals of fish. You can dive all around the outside and through the super structure, peer inside large hatches inspecting the engine at between 30 /40 meters, from this depth the view down to the stern at 82mts is quite breath taking.

Around 800 meters south of Big Brother we have Small Brother around 200 meters long with impressive overhangs and stunning marine life. There is a pristine fan coral forest with an abundance of hard and soft corals.

The plateau of Small brother at about 40 meters, is a hot spot for Thresher Sharks , cruising around in the current. It is common to see all species of shark here if you are patient. During your safety stop Oceanic white tips (Longimanus) cruise around under the boats, these inquisitive creatures make for some very close encounters and great photo opportunities.

In spring and autumn, when the plankton is flushed through the Suez Canal and passes by the Brothers Islands, numerous Manta rays and sometimes Whale sharks visit the islands.


Night dives, snorkling and swimming are not allowed by law at The Brothers Islands.

Due to the fast currents a higher level of experience is recommended or personal guides are an option.

The route depends on the wind and weather conditions, with the Captain having ultimate authority over this.

This route is usually started from / to Hurghada, but may also be combined with Port Ghalib – Marsa Alam.

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