This route is perfect for combining historic and exciting wrecks with colourful reefs and big fish.

Our week usually starts with the 3 wrecks at Abu Nuhas. In just a few hours’ drive, we reach the * ship cemetery *. The Carnatic, the Giannis D, the Kimon M as well as the wreck Chrisoula K have settled here and wait on the north side of the reef on our visit. Abu Nuhas is a MUST for wreck lovers!

Then it goes to the Brother Islands. The Brother Islands are two uninhabited islands about 800 meters apart. Due to the usually very demanding current, the Brothers Islands count as one of the most difficult dive sites in the Red Sea, but it is worthwhile because at the same time belong the Brothers Islands to one of the best dive spots in the world!

Underwater, the * brothers * offer almost everything a diver’s heart can desire! Thanks to the current flora and fauna variety is hard to enumerate. Colorful hard and soft corals, as well as gorgonians, adorn the densely vegetated walls along with many others.

The plateau on the little brother at about 40 meters, is a popular spot to watch sharks. Not infrequently, reef sharks, silver tip sharks or hammerhead sharks cross the path of the divers. Even the shy hammerhead sharks come from the deep, to take interested views of their surroundings.

But not only there, but generally around the Brothers, one can expect encounters with big fish! This is also one of the reasons why the Brothers Islands is popular among discerning divers. The decoration time is very reliably accompanied by the Longimanus.

In addition to the healthy and well-vegetated reef, as well as the possibility of big fish, the * big * brothers also has 2 wrecks to offer. The two wrecks Aida II (sunk in 1957) and Numidia (sunken in 1901), have integrated perfectly into their environment due to the long rest period and are shrouded in coral. All sea creatures have made the wrecks home and are waiting for our visit.

Especially in spring and autumn, when the plankton is flushed through the Suez Canal and passes by the Brothers Islands, numerous manta rays as well as one or the other whale shark visit the islands.

If the trip starts in Marsa Alam – Port Ghalib then the we start with Brothers and visit Abu Nuhas at the end of the week.

If requested, we can visit as well Elphinstone and Safaga with the amazing Panorama Reef and the Salem Express.



The Brothers Islands are among the premier class! This not only because of the excellent quality of the dives, but also because the dives are demanding! Therefore, we advise against visiting the Brother Islands without a degree of experience! If in doubt, please contact us!

Night dives, snorkelling and swimming are prohibited on the Brothers Islands!

The detailed route depends on the wind and weather conditions.

This route is usually started from / to Hurghada, but may also be combined with the port of Port Ghalib – Marsa Alam.

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