The North Tour is also affectionately known as the * scrap metal Route *, because in the north of the Red Sea many vessels have come to rest on the underwater reefs. Mainly due to navigational errors or lack of local knowledge, but we have military wrecks from bombing raids in world war two and the odd insurance fraud. Along with this you can visit many islands with deep walls of impressive coral, huge blue lagoons and long finger shaped reefs, homes for an impressive variety of marine life.

In just a few hours drive from the port of Hurghada we reach Abu Nuhas – the ship graveyard.
Here lay four wrecks in easy reach of the recreational diver. The Carnatic, the Giannis D, the Kimon M and the Chrisoula K.
At the island of Gobal you can visit the Ulysees and probably the best night dive on a wreck called the Barge. Around the corner at the limit of recreational diving ! the Rosalie Moller in near perfect condition sitting upright at 25 to 50 meters.
Across the shipping lanes to Shab Alley, passing the Sarah H and the Dunraven we arrive at the high light of the week.
In the top 4 wrecks world- wide, SS Thistlegorm bombed at anchor by German planes in 1941, this huge English cargo vessel is a magnet for divers and all forms of marine life. Inside the many cargo holds, rows of motorcycles, ambulances, jeeps and lorries, scattered around aircraft parts, rifles, and large munitions, On the decks you can see anti- aircraft guns, coal trucks and water bousers the two steam locomotives blown off the deck by the violent explosions from the bombing lay on the sand close to the wreck but heavily corrode now by the salty water.

The North does not just have wrecks to offer!
There are numerous reefs, One of the most famous is, Ras Mohamed a national park since 1989. Accordingly, the reef is healthy and the biodiversity incredible!
Countless different fish, corals, snails, sea urchins, turtles, dolphins and the occasional shark make this area their home.

By request this route can include the Straights of Tiran leading to Sharm el Sheik, hosting the reefs of
Gordon, Jackson and Woodhouse.
Or the opposite direction to Safaga to visit the super wreck of Salem Express and the prestine reefs of Panorama and Abu Kafain.

This route can only be driven from / to Hurghada.

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