Although this route is associated with several overnight sailings to cover the large distance to St Johns area, close to the Sudan border.  The prize for divers of any qualification is the healthy untouched reefs with unique overhangs, walls and cave formations.

St. Johns is known for its huge lagoons and reefs, long shallow caves, colourful and breathtaking cliffs that are densely covered with both hard and soft corals. Many species of fish school to feed in the coral gardens, along with bump head parrotfish, turtles and napoleons. Out In the blue enjoy sharks, barracuda, sometimes mantas and whale sharks.

Night dives are a must! encounter Spanish dancers, Octopus and cuttlefish along with weird night time creatures hunting in the variety of reef plant life.

The current at St. Johns is often very demanding! Nevertheless, divers with lower level of experience, will love this route and the mix of healthy reef and chance for big fish and thus slowly and safely develop the level of experience.

On the way back from St. Johns, we usually spend one or two dives at other spectacular reefs around Fury Shoals or Sattaya and Abu Dabab. At the request of the guests, Elphinstone can also be visited on the last day for the chance to see Oceanic white tips (longimanus), before returning to port.

This route impresses with the great variety of different reefs. However, detailed route depends on the wind and weather conditions. In the event of bad weather the Captain may have to change the route accordingly.

This route can only be taken from / to Marsa Alam – Port Ghalib.

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